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One of the most attractive locations of Dugi otok certainly is Lighthouse in Veli Rat at last west point of the island, 20 NM at west from Zadar.
Lighthouse in Veli Rat is one of the nicest at the Adriatic (bulit 1849 Y); there are many legends about it, for example that it had been painted at its interesting yellow colour by eggs, 1.000 of them. There is a romantic chappell near the Lighthouse, perfect for somebody's romantic wedding.
The Lighthouse is surrounded by pine woods, beautiful bays, and a lot of beaches where you can enjoy loneliness, recreation and sports, long walks, jogging, swimming, diving …
From the lighthouse there is an extraordinary view to surrounding villages and the sea.
Surrounding sea is reach by fish, and those who dive into the sea will see numerous of forms and colours of subsea and it's reach flora and fauna.
You can reach the Lighthouse by main island's road which connects south and north end of the island.

The closest villages are Veli Rat, Verunic and Polje, distanced only 3 km from Lighthouse and 9 km from ferry port Brbinj.

Veli Rat and Verunic are villages suited each by one side of bay Zuna, which is by chanel connected with bay Pantera. Those village's coast is really pretty, with little rocks. Veli Rat area was inhabited in roman times, and nowdays village had beed mentioned for the first time in 1327. Y. called "ad Punctas".
Whole this area is reach by fish, suitable for nautical turisam, and pines, sandy beaches, untouched nature and all that harmony of sea, land, sky and people attracts visitors like a magnet.



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