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Well, that "Lincarnica" is very pretty stuff. It is more than familiar that, on Mediteranian, every spot is pottential resting-place. If man gets tired snooping arround, he can sit anywhere, even at someones door, noone will blame you, at least not to much.

In sali, this custom had been made to perfection There, in the port, near the local store there is a heaven, Lincarnica. Place for the best siesta, ever. Peolpe sit there, eat there, crowl there, anything - everything. One makes jokes, the other makes friends, third falling in love ...

Time has been spent on the saintest way there. An interesting communication 'promiscuity' takes place at Lincarnica. Everything works opposite to ussual at Lincarnica. Well, some places do have some unussual rules ... For example: local caffee, Maritimo, man can sit there for hours, teh longer you sit, it is earlier hour ... Man enters at 5'o clock, leaves at 3 ...

Then - Tovareca muzika (Donky music, the simbol of Saljske uzance - group of young men playing odd instuments, like irons, for example) Well, when man seas and hears them it is more obvious that their sponsores are not some state institutions, insurance companies, oil companies ... They finance their music themselves ... They understand their Music like their Mision. Need to be seen.

Wrote: Milan Tomljanović

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