Painting and isolation of house

During the winter we had renovations, including insulation of the house and painting of the facade. This raised the quality of the stay at our residency, and it got its recognizable blue color.

Painting of house

While picking the colors for painting our residency we had two main goals: to make the house fit into the environment and to make it recognizable. We chose a light blue color that is gentle and pleasing to the eye. It gave our house the recognizable feature we had in mind.

Isolation and roof of house

In the goal of raising the quality of the stay at our residency during hot summer days, we organized construction work of the complete house as well as laying tiles on the roof. The house is insulated with 12 cm of styrofoam which is high-quality insulation for our climate area. With new insulation and air conditioners, with which every apartment is equipped, the stay at our residency during summer, as well as winter months, is very comfortable.



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