Dugi otok

From the ancient times till nowdays, Dugi otok attracts, rewards and punishes it’s inhabitants and it’s visitors. Pure and fourious beauty of high clifs storming into the sea, capes with unimaginable view to endless blue sea and sky, pitoresque mediteranien villages, quite bays, the nicest, untouched crystal clear sea, hospitality of inhabitants, noble tastes of mediteranien kitchen and finest wines …

All at one single island.
Take a walk trought Dugi otok, navigate, dive into the magnificent and allways mistical world of Dugi otok’s subsea and you will hear it’s silence and storms, see it’s lights and darkness, feel it’s beauty and fouriosity.
Than you will start “knowing” Dugi otok. Than you will start loving it and comming back to it again and again.

Dugi Otok is suitable for trekking, walking, riding a bike, and fishing (it is allowded all over the island, besides Park of Nature Telascica), and, if you are not comming by a boat, you can easily rent it, and investigate the beaches approachable only from the sea, or some of many other surrounding islands.

The main attractions of Long Island (Dugi otok) are: Nature park Telašćica with a 8 km deep bay and a lot of small nearby islands and a salty lake, 80 m high rocks facing the open sea, the sandy beach Sakarun, the lighthouse Veli Rat, and Kornati islands.

dugi otok
dugi otok
dugi otok