robi robeli

A person who likes to spend time with people. I like to work in my garden which throughout the whole year gives us fresh eco fruits. Almost every day I go to catch squids on our beach where we compete who will catch more.

Through the winter months, I like to spend time with my cat Miki, without him the long winter days wouldn’t pass so nicely.


Apartments Robeli

I have been renting apartments for more than 20 years. I’m in charge of booking, decorating, and maintaining our apartments.

Through the winter months I maintain our apartments so that, every year, our guests can have an even better experience here.

I take great importance in making all our apartments functional so that our guests would feel at home and safe.

Often, I like to treat our guests to fruits from our garden and I help them with preparing the barbecue. For our more frequent guests, I prepare seafood on the barbecue.