ruza robeli
I am a simple and sociable person. I like to cook, travel, hang out whith my friends and family in Sali. I enjoy spending time in Sali because it is a very peacefull place where you can enjoy all the natural beauties, have lots of enjoyable foods and make unforgetable memories.

Through the winter I am active in our local women’s group, with which we celebrate birthdays, travel and take part in the Sali carnival. Masks for the Sali carnival we design and sew ourselves, and thanks to our efforts, a lot of times we win first prizes on the carnival.


Apartments Robeli

I have been renting apartments for more than 20 years, I’m in charge of decorating your suits. Through the winter months we are preparing our suits so that, the next summer, they await you even more beautiful than they were the former year. We take care that our apartments are equipped with all things needed so that our guests wouldn’t miss anything.

Also, we take care of the cleanliness of apartments, my task is to clean the apartments before the arrival of our guests.

It is very important to me that the apartments are neat and clean so that our guests can feel comfortable and safe.

Often, we treat our guests to homemade treats; fritule and hroštule (traditional Croatian sweet pastries), as well to some fresh figs. Every year, I make dinner for our returning guests so we can chat and spend time together.